Housing with Dignity Platform
The Liveable Hobart Group (LHG) recognises and will not ignore the challenge of housing supply and affordability as one of the most significant issues facing a transforming Hobart.
We acknowledge and respect the dignity that comes from permanent and affordable long term housing and we believe that solving the current housing crisis requires an holistic response from government, business and the community.

It’s not about swags and shelters, it’s about making a real effort to produce long term housing policies that plan for future demand, rather than react to a crisis in supply. We believe that Council is a key body of influence in finding solutions and we have developed a range of initiatives that can be implemented at the local government level, in consultation with key stakeholders.

  • We will work directly with people who are currently marginalised from the mainstream debate and establish an advisory committee of service users with lived experiences of homelessness and rental stress. The committee will work with Council to find viable ways to increase affordable housing supply, close to essential services.
  • At present many pensioners are paying Council rates in excess of $2000 per annum and that amount is set to increase as Hobart property prices continue to rise. LHG supports the benefit of our community elders ageing in place, in their own homes, for as long as possible and we are committed to easing their financial burden.
  • We will substantially improve rate affordability for the city’s 3000 pensioner ratepayers who receive a full Government rates rebate by significantly increasing the current $10 a year rates remission.
  • We will work with the Property Council to promote a social housing model of private sector investment and development matched with Tasmanian Government subsidies and community sector management.
  • We support the Property Council’s assertion that this approach will produce better outcomes for low income Tasmanians and dependable return for investors and reduce pressure on the public housing system.
  • We will closely examine Hobart’s commercial district and move to introduce a rates remission for owners prepared to adapt their property for affordable housing.
  • We will work with the community and representative groups to provide a strong local government platform to promote a broad range of housing opportunities, including rent to buy and cooperative housing models.
  • We will actively lobby for the retention of the successful Common Ground supportive housing models that have housed so many people who had been chronically homeless.
  • We will work with stakeholders, including Airbnb operators and those with lived experience of homelessness and rental stress, to ensure that accommodation options to meet tourist and visitor demands do not exclude vulnerable people in our community from the private rental market.
  • LHG celebrates the rich contribution UTAS makes to our local community and economy. We also fully support and acknowledge the importance of a tertiary education and recognise the particular challenge of finding appropriate accommodation for students who come from regional Tasmania, interstate and overseas.
  • We will enter into a working agreement with the University to develop specific strategies to manage the housing needs of University students as a key group in need of affordable housing in Hobart.
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