“As we grow, we remember what makes Hobart special.”

The Liveable Hobart Group (LHG) has embraced this statement from the City of Hobart’s recently completed city vision document ‘Hobart: A community vision for our island capital’ as the central tenet of our election campaign and the way forward for our city.

We are not seeking election to push personal agendas or to sit around dreaming up ideas.  Instead, we will draw on the 1100 contributions to the Community Vision project which clearly states what Hobart residents, students, workers, businesses and visitors value about our city and how the people of Hobart would like to see it move forward, into the future.

It’s time to get the Hobart City Council off page one and get back to business.  People are tired of Council being preoccupied with issues outside the core role of local government and expect the Council to prioritise the critical challenges facing Hobart.  In response, over recent months LHG has developed an action plan to address specific areas of community concern.  We will zero in on roads, rates and rubbish as the services we recognise as the Council’s core responsibilities , streamlining Council processes and future proofing the city’s essential services and amenities.

We will also address community concerns about Hobart’s tourism growth, ending homelessness, reducing transport congestion and growing Hobart’s Smart City credentials.  We have already begun to work with local tourism stakeholders and property developers to identify ways in which Council can support sustainable tourism and property development activity that values and protects the community’s sense of place.  We will ensure our City remains open for business and ready to seize opportunities and we will shape Hobart by encouraging fresh ideas that enrich our city and take a direct role in supporting development that is sympathetic to surrounding precincts.

We recognise that not all of our initiatives are within the direct decision making power of the Council.  We believe Council represents the elected voice of the people of Hobart and that it is a powerful and legitimate stakeholder.  As an informed lobbyist, Council can influence and advocate for community needs to the State and Federal governments and bring a positive influence to bear on strategic decision making.

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